The ONE THING Bloggers Do That Makes Them Fail

The ONE THING Bloggers Do That Makes Them Fail

I have worked with hundreds of bloggers personally on their sites. While there are a lot of things than can prevent you, as a blogger, from reaching the success you aspire to, there’s one critical mistake that I see more often than any other. Learn how to avoid it in this video.

00:00 – The one mistake most bloggers make
01:10 – Getting stuff off your chest
01:22 – The three questions of marketing and SEO
02:10 – Bob’s Blog example
04:10 – My big mistake
05:47 – Asking the right questions to write the right content
06:35 – Our model for search analysis, finding the biggest audience
07:25 – Getting valuable information to your readers
09:37 – Speaking the right language
10:59 – Avoid the mistake by learning from my experience

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