The Niche Affiliate Marketing Strategy – What’s Needed To Make $1,000 A Day?

lly successful you can have thousands of people working for you!

This is the power of affiliate marketing, this is the genius of having your own website and blog. You can advertise over a million times without spending a dime. And you know what? Most people actually take your offer and do buy it! They’ll come back later or you can offer them something else, they’ll buy it, you’ll send them emails saying check out this other cool thing and they’ll buy it without a second thought. I’ve done this, more times than I care to remember!

The problem most people have is they don’t know how to drive traffic. So they’ll try a pay per click advertising campaign and they’ll get to look at their ad every day for a week or two and then they’ll think “oh I don’t really want to pay for advertising, I don’t need it”, and then they won’t even bid on any ads for a month. That’s the bummer!

So you have to know how to drive traffic for free! You don’t even have to pay for it!

If you’re totally new to affiliate marketing I would suggest starting with ClickBank or Commission Junction. You’ll get to choose a product, people are very nice there and they will help you out, and you’ll get a free website with a whole lot of amazing promotional tools. This is a great place to start for newbies because they’ll get to get their feet wet and really learn how to drive traffic. And if you have no money you’ll get a great tutorial on how to build your website without any money!

It’s all up to you, if you want to be successful you have to go out there and push the envelope. You need to push the envelope sometimes and go out of the norm, but it’s all about pushing the envelope and going out of the comfort zone. You can get lots of ideas here that you can’t anywhere else, lots of resources and a friendly, helpful and helpful community!

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