The Advertiser and the Medium – Credibility Gap

The advertising industry is changing rapidly. The world is changing fast and with that the way in which advertising needs to be adapted to stay alive. So much so that it is becoming extremely difficult to grab market’s attention through traditional media.

The internet has become the ultimate medium through which to show and tell your world. There is an infinite variety of information available on the net and through it you can reach out to almost every individual alive on this planet. This has made the internet the ultimate tool for business.

It has changed the face of the advertising industry forever. There are many ways through which you can advertise through the internet. You can post your product links on forums, you can write articles, you can create videos that can be viewed by others, you can set up blogs that can talk about your product freely, etc.

The internet is also changing the face of marketing. Once upon a time, the advertiser used to pay a magazine or a newspaper to advertise. But the internet has changed that model of advertising completely. Now, the advertiser can reach out to thousands of people at the same time through the net. But there is a price to pay, as the cost of the internet is quite high and sometimes unaffordable for most small businesses.

These two circumstances have resulted in the online world becoming the main platform in which the business world flourishes. But, there is one more obstacle standing in the way of the growth of the online world. And that is the hurdle of credibility.

The world of internet has made giant strides to overcome the hurdle of credibility. However, it is also necessary to take a giant leap in order to climb over the hurdle of credibility. This is exactly what the business world has done. Business owners have started to create their brand through articles, videos, and write ups that have been written by them. In other words, they are relying on their own expertise in order to create their brand. The business owners are also relying on their capacity of communication, their capacity of communicating to their targeted audience, and trust in the system to generate credibility and reach out to the target market.

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