Know What Makes People Turn Off and Turn On

When I first started my career, I didn’t know what the heck advertising was. I didn’t have much confidence in my abilities and wanted to fail. I was very hesitant to trust people, I was very suspicious, I had a fear of failure, and I hated doing tasks. I hated doing my taxes and didn’t like doing homework. I even hated doing the dishes, which I now realize is normal. So basically I was a teenager, trying to figure myself out, and being a teenager is a very frustrating experience. I hated everything about myself and I wanted to die.

I was in therapy and was prescribed Prozac and Paxil. This medication helped me to get through the week and it had the side effect of making me hate myself and everyone around me. I hated having to be around people and I was sure that they saw me in the mirror every day and judged me, which they probably did. But being a teenager is the best time to learn to trust others because you don’t know yourself yet.

Over the years I have learned to trust myself and I have come to hate advertising. I hated advertising the first time I saw it because I knew something was different about it, something didn’t feel right, and so I didn’t know what was wrong with it, so I ignored it and continued on with my life. The second time I saw advertising it made me want to puke. It made me want to puke when I watched it and I felt embarrassed, stupid, stupid and bad all at the same time. And because I hated it all at the same time, I decided not to do it and moved on. That was the second time I hated advertising.

So if you are planning on advertising your business, listen to what your customers have to say. Listen to what they have to say about the product, or service, or event, or website. You would be amazed by what they have to say and how they feel about the product. They will tell you that you must do something different in order for them to take action. They will tell you that they would never use a product that you advertise. And that is okay because you don’t know what that is yet. You don’t know what turns customers on and makes them want to buy from you. Then you will know what to do and how to advertise and make them take action. You will be amazed at what they will tell you because they have learned to trust themselves and they know what is good for them and they can decide for themselves. You will be amazed at what they will tell you, and that will make advertising a lot easier.

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